• The Italian Job, A new Star in Town

      A Humbletart Restaraunt Critique by Donna Holland of LittleEMedia I am a self-confessed foodie and home cook, food blogger and Social Media Writer, fresh from the 5* overload of Dubai and ready for a more relaxed food experience. I am always uber excited to try a new eatery of any size or description. A ‘blind date’ with the new kid on the block ‘The Taste of Italy by Pompeo’ was no exception and just what the Food Doctor ordered. The Venue Newly opened on Lincoln’s West Parade, in an area that is fast becoming Lincoln’s own ‘Little Italy’. Bridging the Read more →

Welcome to A Taste of Italy, by Pompeo

Pompeo Siracusa, A Taste of ItalyPompeo’s vision when creating “A Taste of Italy by Pompeo” was to provide a little slice of Italian culture in the heart of a cultural city. Pompeo wanted to dispel the European myth that the British do not appreciate quality food. What better place to prove that than in Lincolnshire which is at the core of the food industry and where the people love the simple pleasures such as food and drink just as Pompeo’s Sicilian family do.

Our Deli/Bistro/coffee bar is about capturing the Italian lifestyle, serving authentic produce in the Italian manner. This is not about Italian fast food but about taking time to savour genuine Italian foods flown in from Italy or made in Lincoln to Pompeo’s recipes.